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Fitting instructions for Wavelength folded and stitched sailcloth centreboard gaskets held down by keel strips and screws. 

1) Check for and repair any defects on the trailing edge of the centreboard. These could snag the new gasket.

2) Turn boat upside down or onto side.

3) First check that your new gaskets will give an overlap of 10-12mm when fitted. We supply them at 37.5mm which gives an overlap of about 11 mm in a recess of 65mm.

4) Remove  screws and keelband including the short piece at the front. Remove and discard old gaskets and clean off any old sealant.

5) Apply silicone sealant into all holes and remove any surplus.

6) Place one new gasket with non-loop end at the front and lay a long keel band on top.

7) Using a small spike, pierce a guide hole through the sailcloth into the first screw hole.  Insert and tighten this first screw taking care to keep the gasket and keelband in line with the recess.

8) Now attach a line to the loop in the rear end of the gasket and stretch it by about 10mm and tie off to a transom fitting to maintain tension.

9) Working from the front to the back fit the rest of the screws while the gasket is still under tension.

10) Release the tension line and cut  square across the gasket at the rear of the keelband with a sharp knife.

11) Repeat for the other side.

12) Fit small piece of keelband across the front overlap of the gaskets.

13) If possible apply silicone spray/ MacLube sailkote to the inside lips of the gaskets to reduce chances of centreboard snagging.

14) Carefully lower and raise centreboard to check it moves freely without inverting gaskets or snagging.




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